Property Care and Maintenance

RS Fincher & Co. recognizes that the purchase of a home is one of the most important and biggest investments made by a homeowner.   As such, we understand that homeowners have a genuine interest in the preservation of their home, office building, and community.  We share that same concern and convey this by promptly responding to their needs and quickly provide service. 

Your community manager will be familiar with your community, its assets and the condition of homes in the neighborhood.  The team member assigned to your community may have an assistant but is in all aspects involved in the tasks.   We assist your Board of Directors to set up effective policies and provide consistent followup until the desired outcome has been achieved.

For owners that register with their community, which is part of our online management system, maintenance needs may be communicated, almost immediately and we work with the owner until maintenance needs are completed as outlined in the community documents and guidelines.  We understand that successful community living is achieved by open communications, and we encourage homeowners to fully use our management system as it communicates in “real time.”

Our property inspections include viewing common area facilities and landscaping, as well as member properties.   It is our goal to assess the condition of the common areas and assist the Board in keeping them maintained.  The inspections allow us to provide recommendations for the Board to consider improvements to the community, schedule routine maintenance, plan for capital replacements and ensure vendors are following through on their contracted commitments to your community.  The member property inspections are a means to maintain pleasing aesthetics and sometimes result in a reminder that upkeep of our properties impact our neighbors and community overall.

It is a team effort in taking care of our communities and we can all benefit by having a place to live where owners are proud to call it home.