Home Inspection Reports

Our company understands that new home buyers want to live in a community where maintenance and requests are handled in a timely and professional manner.  During the closing process, with regard to townhomes and condominiums, we ask that you provide a full copy of the inspection report in order for us to determine what items are covered by the community association and the methods needed to complete those repairs.  Home inspectors often add notes and photos that can expedite the response time needed to complete your request for repairs/maintenance.  

Home inspection reports are reviewed within five days, or less, of receipt.  Most repairs covered by the Association can be scheduled and completed within thirty days or less.  All items are subject to review and approval by the Board of Directors.  We will work with your real estate agent, buyer and seller to provide understanding and ensure a smooth owner transition.  Please email your home inspection report to info@rsfincher.com along with the property address and name of your community to get started.