Document Requests

Our service includes maintaining records and documents for each of our clients.  In a real estate transaction, there are many people working to collect information to assist you with a seamless transaction.  Real estate agents, lenders, appraisers, attorneys and many other providers can log on to to receive legal documents, insurance policy information and a variety of information needed to bring all the pieces together for the sale (or purchase) of your home.

New buyers are encouraged to ask their realtors to obtain the community legal documents in advance of your closing date.  This will help you appreciate the place that is to become your home.  Oftentimes, buyers are overwhelmed with paperwork on the day of the closing and this important information gets lost in the shuffle.

It is also a value for you to request that the seller turn over keys to amenities in the community during the real estate transaction.  All communities charge a fee when a key is issued to a community member (new or old).  These fees assist our communities in controlling expenses that would otherwise result in higher fees paid by all.  Please contact our office if you need more information about the amenities in your future community.