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RS Fincher & Co., LLC is dedicated to assisting HOA/COA Boards with administrating and coordinating the business affairs of their association while remembering it is a community where families live.

RS Fincher & Co has remained fully operational during this Covid-19 crisis.   We hope you and your loved ones have been able to remain safe and sane through these most unusual and challenging times.   For most of us, definitely a marked period in the world’s history.

On May 20, 2020, Governor Roy Cooper announced that the State of North Carolina will cautiously enter its second phase of opening businesses after a statewide shutdown.  This is fantastic news as we are all eager to return to some semblance of “normal”.   A Plug for pools – – – your board and we are working very hard, long hours, with the pool companies, inspectors, etc.  We are all, including the members, in a partnership to get through it all together – to comply, to be safe, and have a fun summer.   We appreciate those who have kindly called to check in and your patience as we navigate these “waters.”  As we have good and absolute information, we will be sharing communications from your board.    

While the state is lifting its heaviest restrictions and more businesses and public outdoor pools are opening, this by no means signals an end of the COVID-19 health crisis.  It only means we are out of the most acute phase of risk to our hospitals’ capacities as well as an attempt to re-open our economy. The risk of transmission to our most vulnerable is still significant as is the risk of a second wave of infection. For those reasons we must all remain vigilant in preventing the virus’ spread.

Our office’s top priority is client, employee, vendor, human safety, and we are going to continue doing everything we know to provide a safe environment for delivering customer care services and meeting with our vendors and HOA members, etc.  What that entails, exactly, in the context of the virus is still being hotly debated among the various levels of government.  We are currently outlining some new approaches that will restrict our normal “walk right in” office approach.  We love having an open-door policy, but for the time, that will change somewhat.

Our office will have some new guidelines and procedures for dropping by to make payments, pick up forms, obtain pool access, etc.   Visitors to our office will be seen one guest at a time by appointment only. –    PLEASE CALL AHEAD or email – 919-362-1460;

Additionally, we ask that if you are sick (cough, sneeze, fever, etc.) to please stay home.   Please wear a mask and be prepared to stay six feet from any employee.  We will not be allowing use of any of our equipment nor facilities by non-employees.    These are intended to protect and improve everyone’s safety, so please bear with us as we work toward returning to our normal lives, eventually, with steadfast effort. 

As we continue in this emergency-only pattern for just a bit longer, please be aware that, as always, we are here for you and partnering with you, your board, the community and vendors to keep the Associations rolling.   We appreciate your patience, grace and mercy as we journey together.  Please remain healthy and safe, and know that we look forward to seeing you soon!


RS Fincher & Co. provides professional management services to community and office condominium associations who want to experience a management team dedicated to making a difference in commuinty association living.  Our company has built an outstanding reputation by helping our clients achieve their goals by implementing standards of excellence to meet the unique needs of each community or office building.  We cultivate a team working environment where board members, property owners and managers all contribute to the success of their communities. 

We have a heart for successful community living, and success can only be achieved by working together towards a shared goal.  Our core values are founded in building authentic relationships, which is substantiated by our dedication to making communication and doing what we say we will do our top priorities.   Alongside of these two priorities is professionalism and integrity of our company to carry out the management duties for our communities while at the same time support and maintain the building of “community.”   We encourage homeowners to contribute by becoming involved as board members or committee members.  Our staff will serve your needs to put all the pieces together and help you develop as a volunteer in your community.  There are many ways that our company can benefit your community or office building when you partner with us.  

We like to think of ourselves as “the glue that holds it all together.”


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