Four Reasons To Hire An HOA Management Company

There is a lot of work that goes into building and maintaining a well-managed HOA community, from accurate accounting and bookkeeping to community engagement, there’s never a lack of work to do. Although you can attempt HOA management with just you and your board members alone, there is another option: hiring an HOA management company. There are a number of benefits to choosing the latter over the former, and if you want the best possible leader for your community, you’ll take all options into account. Keep reading to learn why you should hire an HOA management company today.

Reduced Workload

There’s no doubt about it, running a successful HOA community is no small task. You have to have great communication skills, be a great leader, and manage a safe neighborhood, all while keeping the residents’ best interest in mind. Although Homeowner associations represent a rather small portion of housing in the U.S., since 1970, HOA’s have grown from around 1 percent to 20 percent of housing since 2010. This is an enormous spike in the popularity of Homeowners’ Associations, and with this popularity comes the need for great leaders who are up for the task of managing a community.

Although there are many great leaders out there who are willing to take on the challenges of being a community manager, they won’t necessarily have the manpower to make it happen. This is where an HOA management company like RS Fincher will come into play. Instead of completely handing your HOA community over to us, you’ll still maintain a leadership position. The difference is that the workload will be on us. All you have to do is tell us your community’s goals and we’ll manage all the intricacies necessary to allow you to maintain a happy and healthy community. Our staff at RS Fincher is already trained to run every aspect of an HOA community and share the values of community engagement, safety, and a high standard of living. With every client, our highest priority is to help you and your community to reach your maximum potential.

It’s great to have a “do it yourself” mentality when it comes to HOA management, but part of being a leader is knowing when to seek help, and RS Fincher is here when you need it.

Stronger Sense Of Direction

Another reason to hire an HOA management company is to have a stronger sense of direction while managing your HOA. Chances are, you and your board members already have goals and aspirations for your community, but you may not know the best way to achieve those goals. That’s okay! When you contact RS Fincher, you and your board members will always have a team of experts to contact and will provide you with information that is crucial to maintaining your HOA exactly the way you like it. And we aren’t just there to do administrative work either, we are a team of experts, equipped to handle all levels of decision-making within your HOA.

HOA laws and regulations are another aspect of HOA management that will be difficult without an HOA management company. We are your all-in-one resource for consultation on the legality of your HOA’s actions, so you never have to worry about breaking any laws that could lead to hefty fines or lawsuits. Since we work internally, we’re able to micro-manage these regulations on a daily basis and ensure that you and your board abide by them.

Are you ready to speak with an HOA management representative? Contact RS Fincher today.