Homeowners Association Tips: Should My HOA Hire A Property Manager?

Chances are if you live in a newer neighborhood, subdivision or condo complex, you may have an association governed community, which is run by fellow property owners. The purpose of the association is to see to it that the communities’ needs are all met. Any HOA member may propose and vote on rules, however it’s an elected HOA board that has the final say, ensuring that rules and responsibilities are adhered to.

Not all HOAs, however are equipped for managing properties. While both HOAs and property managers are both involved in the management of housing communities, the functions of each are different. In most cases, they work together.

A property manager is able to assist the Homeowners Association in a number of ways. In the end, it often depends on the size of the community and what the HOA needs assistance with. It also may depend on what the member of the HOA are interested in (and if it increases their monthly fees). However, here are some of the potential benefits of hiring a property manager. 


The property manager is able to assist in maintaining and developing the landscaping of the property. There are many different points of concern here. For starters, seasonal improvements need to take place. This includes everything from collecting dead leaves and branches following extended winters to maintaining the grass, setting up a watering schedule and ensuring the grounds look pristine. The property manager will also determine when trees need to come down (such as if it poses a threat to utility or plumbing lines) and what kind of landscaping improvements the HOA should invest in.

Help Collecting Dues

The HOA has a number of duties already on its plate. The property manager can help with many of these duties, including the collecting of monthly dues and any kind of unpaid fees residents have not yet paid. They can then report this information to the HOA board and inform the board of any issues they may have with residents or if residents are experiencing certain issues with the property. In a way, they act as the middleman between the HOA and the residents within the community.

Property Maintenance

Beyond landscaping maintenance, the property manager is there to assist with property maintenance as well. These come in several different forms. In the event of broken locks or leaky pipes, the property manager is there to replace and correct these issues. They need to do it quickly in order to help maintain the safety of everyone inside the community. If a locked gate is damaged and not locking, the property manager needs this replaced right away.

The property manager also performs repairs on other areas of the property, such as common areas. This ranges from the parking lot and lighting to foyers. It is extremely important for all of this to work correctly and for repairs to occur in a timely manner. If the property manager is unable to provide these repairs quickly, the HOA needs to look at either not using a property manager or by hiring on a service provider capable of performing the repairs quickly.

Annual Inspections

The property needs annual inspections. In the event of apartments or condos, this may include testing the fire alarms and replacing HVAC filters (although the HOA may determine this to be the responsibility of the community member). They will also inspect other aspects of the community, such as the elevators. Some property managers will inspect individual units to make sure appliances are working properly, and to see if unaccounted for pets are living in the community as well (as this may be an insurance issue or a breach of the community’s code of conduct). The property manager helps perform all of these annual inspections.

There are a number of benefits working with a property manager. The property manager can assist with everything from major repairs to landscaping. In a sense, they improve the value and quality of the property. However, it all comes down to what the HOA needs and if the community members are fine with a potentially higher HOA monthly fee. Due to this, there is no right or wrong answer, but instead it comes down to a community’s specific needs.

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