Summer Safety Tips for Your HOA Residents

With summer here, now is the time to begin taking the necessary safety precautions for residents of your HOA. Some of these tips might depend on the types of property and the current services provided, but with the increased temperatures and reliance on air conditioning, here are a few of the most important summer safety tips for your HOA residents.


In some instances, a faulty AC can prove dangerous. As the heat increases, so too does the demands of local HVAC service providers, so repairs can take longer. Due to this, it is important to take proper care of the HVAC system. For starters, swapping out the filters is important. This should be done every two to three months anyway, but if the filters haven’t been replaced recently, now is the time to do so.

Having the HVAC system inspected is also recommended. This will help identify potential problems with the unit ahead of time. Whether the AC is low on refrigerant or the thermostat needs new batteries, having all of this taken care of ahead of time is important, especially for the elderly and young children, who are more susceptible to heat exhaustion.

Follow Grilling Requirements

Some properties do not allow grilling outside of individual units. If this is protocol it is important for all residents to follow through with this. For those who are able to grill outside it is necessary to grill at least six feet from any buildings or trees as this will cut down on the risk of anything catching fire. Residents, especially first summer residents, need to be reminded of these rules.

Don’t Post Travel Details on Social Media

Social media is a great when it comes to sharing information with friends and family. However, it’s important to not post travel details on social media. By indicating someone is on vacation or away from their home for a prolonged period of time it lets the Internet know the house will be vacant. This increases the risk of a possible break-in.

For those who do go on vacation, it is recommended to let the HOA know ahead of time. This way, if something strange happens around the unit the HOA will know it isn’t from those who live inside. Residents may also want to consider investing in timers for their appliances and lighting. This way, lights can turn on and off at different times of the day, in order to give the appearance of someone home.

Have Mail Held at the Post Office

In addition to sharing vacation details on social media, HOA residents should consider using the USPS’s free mail-hold services. When mail piles up in your mailbox, it’s a sign to would-be burglars that no one is home.

Pool Safety

Summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy the HOA pool. As long as appropriate pool safety is followed there shouldn’t be any kind of problem when it comes to this. It is important for your HOA to remind residents of the pool safety requirements.

If there is a container rule (such as no exposed glass bottles), this needs to be followed. Additionally, children need to know they should not run around the pool. If the pool is on the shallow side, reminding everyone that diving is not allowed is another precaution in pool safety everyone in the residence needs to follow.

Additionally, you may consider:

  • Hiring a lifeguard
  • Encouraging swim lessons
  • Keeping the parameter of the pool enclosed
  • Ensuring safety equipment is accessible, appropriate and in working condition

Bike & Scooter Safety

Longer, warmer days beg for families to move and more often than not, that includes biking and scootering. As kids may bike around the neighborhood, it is the HOA board’s responsibility to make sure the parents are informed of the rules.

Here are our suggestions:

Before sending kids off, all equipment should be checked. Are tires deflated? Are brakes in working order? When is the last time chains were checked?

  • Safety gear is a must! The children in your homeowners association need to be encouraged to wear helmets when biking, knee and elbow pads when scootering or rollerblading.
  • As an HOA, it’s important to check the paths that children may take to ensure there are no fall hazards with uneven pavement or unexpected obstructed pathways.

Pet Safety

Allow pets at your HOA? Then you likely already know how important a homeowner’s furry family member is. Hot southern days can be dangerous for anyone, including pets. Here are a few reminders for residents:

  • Keep pets inside during extreme temps.
  • Make sure there is an abundance of cool drinking water.
  • Be mindful of sun-absorbing sidewalks that can easily burn paws.
  • Try to keep your pets active so they don’t get cabin fever by walking them in the early morning or late afternoon hours.

Keeping everyone in your homeowners association safe is important. In order to help, these different summer safety tips will assist in reminding your residents of what they need to do to best prep for the warmer months. From taking care of the AC to following appropriate grilling requirements, each of these tips will help keep all of your HOA residents safe and sound, no matter the temperatures outside.

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