What You Should Look For In An HOA Board Member

When it comes to recruiting board members for your HOA community, it’s not just about choosing whoever is interested in the position. You should take time to understand the qualities of a good HOA board member and base your decisions around that. A qualified candidate will have a great sense of direction, leadership, and will be able to keep an eye on the big picture while delving into the details. Keep reading to learn more about finding and recruiting great board members for your HOA community.

Great communication

Having superb communication skills is the first thing you should look for in a board member. When you’re having a meeting, you want a group of people who are going to communicate well amongst each other. You want someone who will be able to work in this environment, not only being able to communicate their own thoughts and ideas, but being able to listen to and understand other board members’ point of view. Communication is also a key part of forming a great community. You want your board members to be actively involved and communicating with homeowners.

Team mentality

Another great quality for your HOA board member to have is a team mentality. The member should understand that they have a role to perform, but that their efforts are part of a larger, team-oriented effort that will make the community better for everyone. Generally, your board member needs to take his/her individual strengths and know how to use them in a way that will be beneficial for the board as a whole.

Hard working

Many people will volunteer to be board members but end up not putting in the effort to maintain their role. Although being a board member is a volunteer role and you can’t expect your board members to put in as much effort as a full-time paid job, there is still a minimum level of effort your board member will need to put into their work. And if they don’t seem enthusiastic about this, they’re probably not the right person for the job.


Going along the same lines as hard working, you want your board members to be committed to what they do. If they show commitment to their role on the board, you won’t have to spend any time worrying about whether they’re doing their job or not, and everyone else can worry about their own job as well. You also won’t have to worry about looking for other potential volunteers to fill his/her role if they decide to leave at a moment’s notice.

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