Tips For Having A More Productive HOA Board Meeting

The Davis-Stirling act requires that your community association board has regular meetings, and since these meetings are one of the only times you’ll have all your board members together in one place, you should make sure you take advantage of them and plan accordingly. Hiring a community association management company like RS Fincher in Raleigh will help you better organize these meetings and have the most productive conversation possible. Contact us today if you have any questions.


The best thing you can do before, during, and after your board meeting is to have great communication. According to the Davis-Stirling Act, you must notify board members four days ahead of time about the meeting. Make sure you send out with the notification, some general information about what the meeting will cover, as well as some ideas of what to prepare. Most great leaders will take the time before a meeting to get people talking and thinking about things so that by the time the meeting comes around, people not only feel more prepared, but they’ll be more likely to show up to the meeting because they’ll feel more involved in the decision-making process.

During the meeting, you should make sure that you facilitate communication between all members of the board, not just a small handful. Even if a certain member doesn’t work in the current area of conversation, they should still be allowed to have an input.

Once the meeting is over, you should take some time to write a follow-up email to everyone. This will help remind everyone what took place in the meeting and what decisions were made. This way, that time will not have been wasted and board members will feel like their time was put to good use.

Keep it on track

As anyone who has run a meeting before, it’s easy for a discussion to be taken off topic quickly and it’s oftentimes difficult to get it back on track once that happens. Before the meeting starts, remind your board members what the meeting will cover and once it starts, keep it on track by redirecting the conversation. It doesn’t hurt to remind members that there is a limited amount of time to talk and a lot of things to cover.

Take notes

If you want to be able to follow up with your board members after the meeting is over, make sure you take notes. By the time the meeting is over, you should have a general outline of everything that was discussed, as well as some notes about things that you didn’t have time to cover. This way you can start formulating an agenda for your next meeting. You should encourage your board members to take notes as well.

Be prepared

Another way to increase the productivity of your meeting is to be fully prepared once the meeting starts. This doesn’t just include preparing the subject material and being ready to talk about it, it also includes documents, records, computers, projectors, and whatever tool you need. If all these things are set up and ready to go by the time the meeting starts, you won’t be wasting any time, and your board members will be more inclined to show up to meetings more often and on time.

Speak with an HOA management company

If you want to make your board meetings as productive as possible, you should speak with and hire a community association management company that will help you refine your HOA procedures. If you’re in Raleigh or the surrounding area, contact RS Fincher today to learn about our community association management services.